Genesis are a high quality brand that design bikes that make riding fun, pure and simple. Genesis mountain bikes, road bikes and kids bikes are designed for you, giving you the freedom to ride how you want to, exploring the paths and trails less travelled. Carbon, titanium, steel and aluminium are used across the range so you’ll be able to find the perfect bike for your life. Don’t compromise on what you want to do – a Genesis bike allows you to decide how and when you want to ride.

About Genesis

genesis bikes

Bikes We Enjoy Riding

At Genesis, our philosophy is simple – Bring to life the sorts of bike we enjoy riding. Luckily for us a good fair few of you share our thought path! We’re not the biggest out there but our size does afford us to take a few risks; namely to push through bikes that bigger companies might deem too fringe or oddball to ever grace their range.

If we enjoy riding it and think there’ll be enough folks out there that will too, then its fair game in our eyes! We’re sticklers for detail, going to the nth degree to try and wring out every last bit of performance whilst keeping things accessible.

Genesis Titanium

Double Butted Titanium

One of our favourite materials to work with (we like shiny things!), our 3AL- 2.5V double butted titanium is a thing of beauty. Comprising of 3% aluminium and 2.5% vanadium (hence the name), our tubes are butted to save weight where possible without compromising on the quality of the build. The expertise of our Taiwanese frame manufacturer is reflected in attention to detail of each and every frame.

Incredibly strong, wonderfully light, this tubeset offers an armchair-like ride feel that will probably last so long you can hand it down to the grandkids.

Genesis Design and Technology

Design and Technology

Material snobs we are not and depending on what is best for the given bike and intended usage you will find carbon, titanium, steel and aluminium all used across the range to good effect.

Most of our bikes will have ‘built-in’ practicalities (we’re not one to pigeonhole a bikes usage) that will enable you to use them daily across many different scenarios. Design and technology working in perfect harmony in a thoroughly thought through, practical package.

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  1. Croix De Fer Ti

    Genesis Croix De Fer Ti

    Out of stock
  2. Croix De Fer 50

    Genesis Croix De Fer 50

    Out of stock
  3. Fugio 30

    Genesis Fugio 30

  4. Best Seller
    Croix De Fer Ti Frameset

    Genesis Croix De Fer Ti Frameset

    Out of stock
  5. Best Seller
    Equilibrium Disc

    Genesis Equilibrium Disc

  6. Croix De Fer 40

    Genesis Croix De Fer 40

    Out of stock
  7. Volare 931 Disc Frameset

    Genesis Volare 931 Disc Frameset

  8. Fugio 20

    Genesis Fugio 20

  9. Croix De Fer 30

    Genesis Croix De Fer 30

    Out of stock
  10. Best Seller
    Tour De Fer 30

    Genesis Tour De Fer 30

    Out of stock
  11. Best Seller

    Genesis Equilibrium

  12. Croix De Fer 20

    Genesis Croix De Fer 20

  13. Tour De Fer 20

    Genesis Tour De Fer 20

    Out of stock
  14. Croix De Fer 20

    Genesis Croix De Fer 20

    Out of stock
  15. Fugio 10

    Genesis Fugio 10

  16. Vagabond

    Genesis Vagabond

    Out of stock
  17. Croix De Fer 10

    Genesis Croix De Fer 10

  18. Sale
    2020 Tarn Ti Frameset

    Genesis 2020 Tarn Ti Frameset

    Was £1,999.99 From £1,499.99 (Save 25%)
  19. Croix De Fer 20 Flat Bar

    Genesis Croix De Fer 20 Flat Bar

    Out of stock
  20. Best Seller
    Croix De Fer 10

    Genesis Croix De Fer 10

    Out of stock
  21. Best Seller
    Tour De Fer 10

    Genesis Tour De Fer 10

    Out of stock
  22. Best Seller
    Volare 853 Disc Frameset

    Genesis Volare 853 Disc Frameset

  23. Croix De Fer 10 Flat Bar

    Genesis Croix De Fer 10 Flat Bar

    Out of stock
  24. Longitude

    Genesis Longitude

    Out of stock
  25. Tour De Fer 10 Fb

    Genesis Tour De Fer 10 Fb

  26. Best Seller
    Cda 30

    Genesis Cda 30

    Out of stock
  27. Best Seller
    Croix De Fer 853 Frameset

    Genesis Croix De Fer 853 Frameset

  28. Sale
    Volare 931 Frameset 2019

    Genesis Volare 931 Frameset 2019

    Was £1,699.99 From £999.99 (Save 41%)
  29. Brixton

    Genesis Brixton