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  1. Ariel 50-E Elite

    Saracen Ariel 50-E Elite

  2. Best Seller
    Ariel 50-E Pro

    Saracen Ariel 50-E Pro

  3. Best Seller
    Ariel 50-E

    Saracen Ariel 50-E

  4. Best Seller
    Arcus 3W

    Ridgeback Arcus 3W

  5. Best Seller
    Arcus 3

    Ridgeback Arcus 3

  6. Best Seller
    X2 Open Frame

    Ridgeback X2 Open Frame

  7. Best Seller

    Ridgeback X2

  8. Best Seller
    Arcus 2

    Ridgeback Arcus 2

  9. Arcus 2 Open Frame

    Ridgeback Arcus 2 Open Frame

  10. Best Seller
    Arcus 1

    Ridgeback Arcus 1

  11. Arcus 1 Open Frame

    Ridgeback Arcus 1 Open Frame


Electric Mountain Bikes

Take mountain biking to the next level by boosting your natural pedal power and make climbing a breeze with an electric mountain bike. Tackle trails faster and for longer whilst breaking less of a sweat. When the darker nights draw in make sure your bike is well illuminated with one of our light sets.