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  1. Advance 3W

    Ridgeback Advance 3W

  2. Advance 2W

    Ridgeback Advance 2W

  3. Best Seller
    Advance 2

    Ridgeback Advance 2

  4. Best Seller
    Advance 1

    Ridgeback Advance 1

  5. Advance 1W

    Ridgeback Advance 1W

  6. Electron+ Black

    Ridgeback Electron+ Black

    Out of stock
  7. Electron+ Grey

    Ridgeback Electron+ Grey

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Electric Road Bikes

If you wish to tackle steeper hills, explore more, or just get there faster without getting out of breath, an electric road bike will ease the journey. Explore our range from top names such as Ridgeback and Genesis.