Since 1983, Ridgeback has been creating some of the highest quality bikes on the market. Used for everything from round the world adventures to hitting the biggest trails and even simply the daily commute. Whether it’s a mountain bike you’re after, an electric bike or a kids bike, with Ridgeback you can be sure you’ll find the one for you, kitted out with the latest tech to open up your world.

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About Ridgeback Bikes


Ridgeback World Series Bikes

Ridgeback World Series bikes offer a cycling experience steeped in history yet with the benefits of modern technology. Perfect for long distance tourers, rugged commuters or just daily rides that want to go further for longer. Explore our range of Ridgeback World Series bikes today!

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Ridgeback Kids Bikes

Ridgeback kids’ bikes are light, versatile and full of great features that will help your little cyclist to set off on their first wheeled adventure. Capable and eye-catching models to meet the needs of the next generation of riders. Explore our range of Ridgeback kids bikes today!

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Ridgeback E-bikes

Ridgeback electric bikes not only provide comfort but also a high level of reliability and unrivalled ease of use. Available in many shapes, styles and specs to ensure that you never break a sweat. Explore our range of Ridgeback E-bikes now!.

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  1. Best Seller

    Ridgeback MK5

    From £3,799.99
  2. Best Seller

    Ridgeback E-Cargo

  3. Best Seller
    Advance 2021 Red

    Ridgeback Advance 2021 Red

  4. Best Seller
    Advance   Grey

    Ridgeback Advance Grey

    Out of stock
  5. 2020 Electron Di2

    Ridgeback 2020 Electron Di2

    Out of stock
  6. Best Seller

    Ridgeback Butcher

  7. Best Seller
    X3 Open Frame

    Ridgeback X3 Open Frame

    Out of stock
  8. 2020 Cyclone Open Frame

    Ridgeback 2020 Cyclone Open Frame

    Out of stock
  9. 2020 Cyclone

    Ridgeback 2020 Cyclone

    Out of stock
  10. 2020 Electron+

    Ridgeback 2020 Electron+

    Out of stock
  11. X2 Open Frame

    Ridgeback X2 Open Frame

    Out of stock
  12. Arcus 2 Open Frame

    Ridgeback Arcus 2 Open Frame

    Out of stock
  13. New
    Arcus 2

    Ridgeback Arcus 2

    Out of stock
  14. X2

    Ridgeback X2

    Out of stock
  15. New

    Ridgeback X3

    From £3,199.99
    Out of stock
  16. Electron Front Hub Drive

    Ridgeback Electron Front Hub Drive

    Out of stock
  17. Arcus 1

    Ridgeback Arcus 1

    Out of stock
  18. Arcus 1 Open Frame

    Ridgeback Arcus 1 Open Frame

    Out of stock
  19. Panorama

    Ridgeback Panorama

    Out of stock
  20. Expedition

    Ridgeback Expedition

    Out of stock
  21. New
    Supernova Eq

    Ridgeback Supernova Eq

    Out of stock
  22. New

    Ridgeback Voyage

    Out of stock
  23. New
    Element Eq

    Ridgeback Element Eq

    Out of stock
  24. Storm W

    Ridgeback Storm W

  25. Best Seller
    Avenida 7

    Ridgeback Avenida 7

  26. New

    Ridgeback Element

    Out of stock