1. TruFlo's new pump range is looking great

    TruFlo's new pump range is looking great

    You might think that floor pumps (or track pumps, if you prefer) are a particularly unexciting bit of kit. And that statement would be correct if it wasn't so very, very wrong. There are few workshop tools used more than the floor pump. You should really check your tyre pressure every time you ride which means you could well be using that pump every single day. If you're going to use something that often, it makes sense to make sure the pump you have is good quality and easy to use. You'd be surprised how many pumps have fiddly pump heads or annoying little things about them that make them a pain to use.  The other thing to consider is that a good floor pump is an investment. If you buy a quality one then it might be the only (or last) pump you'll ever buy. Sure, £80 might seem expensive but spread that out over 50 years of cycling and innumerable uses and it suddenly seems like a pretty good deal.  Speaking of pumps - and don't act like you didn't see this

  2. Check out these Black Friday deals on Freewheel

    Check out these Black Friday deals on Freewheel

    Love it or hate it, Black Friday is now a thing in the UK. That means it's time for us to show you the best of what we have on sale on Freewheel either to keep you riding through the winter or simply to stock up for when the weather gets warmer and you want to get outside on the bike again. Here's what we're slashing the prices on this week...

  3. 100% release the Eastcraft and Westcraft

    100% release the Eastcraft and Westcraft

    While there have been special editions and new colourways, it's been a little while since 100% has launched a totally new set of glasses. And guess what? Not only is there one set on the way from the San Diego-based brand, but two: the Westcraft and the Eastcraft.  Both take heavy styling cues from classic aviator-style sunnies, and both are trying to combine plenty of technical features which make for top performance on the bike with style that makes you want to take them with you on rest days, too. This is what 100% has to say about its latest creations: "Introducing the Next Generation of Sport Performance Sunglasses: The new collection launches in two powerful styles running on all cylinders. Westcraft + Eastcraft fit our definition of immense beauty, equal parts elegance and performance. This perfect blend of style and high fashion with the ultimate sport performance sunglass gives what you need without compromises. The collection

  4. Freewheel is the new national sponsor of the Fort William UCI World Cup for 2022

    Freewheel is the new national sponsor of the Fort William UCI World Cup for 2022

    In news that we’re incredibly excited to announce, Freewheel is the new national sponsor for the Fort William round of the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup for 2022. The Fort William Downhill World Cup is undoubtedly one of the most iconic MTB events on the planet. Hosting the world’s best downhill riders since 2002, it’s the only DH World Cup round in the UK and boasts an atmosphere unlike any other. After an unfortunate, enforced two-year break, Fort William will be back and better than ever for 2022. Once again up to 20,000 people can get up close and personal with all their favourite athletes as they storm down the famous Aonach Mor hillside and into a super loud finish area packed with fans from across the UK and beyond. Freewheel is an e-commerce website designed to support independent bike dealers by helping them have an online presence. When you buy on you’re helping support a local bike shop as a bricks-and-mortar bike shop will receive

  5. Our favourite bad weather gear picks

    Our favourite bad weather gear picks

    We don't want to think about it eithe, but the bad weather is coming (and already here, in some places) and that means you need to make sure you're equipped if you want to ride outside during winter. So we've put our collective heads together and come up with a few of our favourite things to wear outside when the conditions aren't exactly ideal. Sometimes if you want to ride, you just have to tough it out, but having some good kit definitely makes the decision easier...Madison DTE 3-Layer Waterproof Jacket DTE stands for 'Defy the Elements' which gives you a pretty good idea of what type of weather this jacket has been designed for. With 20K waterproof and 20K breathable fabric, this is a jacket for riding on days when you maybe shouldn't go out but can't resist the idea of a ride. That hard-wearing fully-seam-sealed three-layer fabric keeps you dry whilw making sure you dont overheat, and

  6. Genesis Explore Series Episode 2: The best laid plans

    Genesis Explore Series Episode 2: The best laid plans

    With Scotland being the home of Robert Burns, it's quite apt that it's also where the best laid plans for our next Genesis Explore Series ride went a little off the rails. Originally Kerry Macphee was supposed to be joining Adam Blythe and Monica Dew as their guide on an adventure from Aberfoyle through the Loch Lomond national park. But a serious crash a few days before filming began meant she couldn't ride and had to provide moral support (and phone-based guidance) instead.  Still, Adam and Monica had a fantastic time taking in the climbs, tracks and lochs in one of Britain's most beautiful places. Check out the video below and, if you missed it, you can catch episode one right here. 

  7. Stop that bike creaking with Park Tool

    Stop that bike creaking with Park Tool

    There are few things more annoying than a bike that creaks. You go out for a ride and soon you're pretty much obsessed by that creak, all you can think about is how to make it stop and - let's be honest - it's a real ride ruiner. Well the helpful folks from Park Tool feel your pain and have made these videos to help you figure out why your bike is making noise and, just as importantly, how to make it stop. Check this out:

  8. He's not dead: 100% is back with more Peter Sagan sunnies

    He's not dead: 100% is back with more Peter Sagan sunnies

    2021 has been a quiet year by Peter Sagan's standards. After battling COVID-19 early in the season he's largely flown under the radar for the rest of the year but that doesn't mean that the Slovakian three-time world champion hasn't been busy. As well as being one of cycling's genuine treasures, he's also a guy that constantly brings us cool kit through his collaborations and this latest drop with 100% is no different.  These new sunnies are typically out there in design - just like all the Sagan signature models 100% has released - and feature a gold flake/black livery paired to HiPER gold mirror lenses. The design comes in three styles: Speedcraft, S2 and S3 and all three feature the Sagan logo on the left side of the brow.  If you fancy getting your hands on a set of these, all three styles will be available right here on Freewheel very soon. In the mean time you can check out

  9. What is E-Tube? Personalise your riding experience with Shimano

    What is E-Tube? Personalise your riding experience with Shimano

    Lots of people ride bikes with either Shimano's Di2 shifting system or STEPS eBike system. Straight out the box both of these are designed to work perfectly (and they do) but with both systems you occasionally need to update the firmware or simply want to change how the drivetrain works to suit your riding style. For either of these, Shimano's E-Tube project is your best friend.  What is E-Tube? Put simply, E-Tube is an app that lets you customise your ride settings to (almost) however you want them, update firmware and identify and fix any errors that may occur within the system. It's a one-stop shop to accessing the parts of your Shimano groupset that may previously have seemed untouchable. And if you're not using it, you're not getting the most out of your bike. There are two apps, the E-Tube Project and E-Tube Ride and the differences between them are as follows...

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