1. Winter Highlights from PEARL iZUMi

    Winter Highlights from PEARL iZUMi

    Despite the limited daylight, Winter can be one of the most rewarding times of year to get out and ride. But it's also the time of year to make sure that you're kitted up properly, as a long ride in cold weather will turn into an ordeal if you're not properly insulated from the elements. Based in Colorado, Pearl iZUMi take Winter as seriously as

  2. Kids Bike Buying Guide

    Kids Bike Buying Guide

    There has never been a time like the present to get your little’un riding and experiencing the thrill of being on two wheels. Bikes fuel kids’ imaginations, encourage them to explore the world and discover new things – not to mention expend their energies and take the workload off you a little.

  3. Commuter Bike Buying Guide

    Commuter Bike Buying Guide

    Choosing the right commuter bike is a daunting task; after all, you don’t want to pick a bike that’s too slow and won’t get you to work on time. The key to choosing the right bike is finding one that’s both speedy and comfortable to ride, not to mention practical for the kind of riding you’re planning on doing.

  4. How to look after your bike during winter

    How to look after your bike during winter

    Looking after your bike is even more important in winter when the elements can take their toll. Here are a few areas to check regularly if you want to keep riding outside through the bad weather.

  5. Road Bike Buying Guide

    Road Bike Buying Guide

    Taking your first tentative steps into road cycling can be a little daunting at first, especially if you’re a little unsure about what kind of bike you’re going to need. 

  6. Things to consider when riding in the rain

    Things to consider when riding in the rain

    If you didn't ride your bike in bad weather, you'd never ride it at all. Here are a few things to think about now that the climate has reverted to type and getting yourself out the door isn't as easy as it was for those two beautiful weeks we called summer. 

  7. Mountain Bike Buying Guide

    Mountain Bike Buying Guide

    There are many different kinds of mountain bikes out there, all suited to slightly different off-road disciplines. Picking the right bike for the type of riding you plan on doing is therefore quite tricky, especially if you’re new to the world of mountain biking.

  8. 5 things that make life a little easier

    5 things that make life a little easier

    Bikes are great, but bikes are for riding. We enjoy a good tinker as much as the next person, but realistically the more time you spend messing about with your bike the less time you have to actually ride it. Here are five simple things that'll help you minimise faffing and get you out riding as quickly as possible. 


    Sure, a milKit injector kit might cost more than those free tubeless valves that came with your wheels but guess what? They're better - and if you want nice things you have to pay for them. The ability to insert and check sealant levels by just removing the valve core and using the supplied syringe really does save time and hassle, and stops you spilling sealant all over the carpet and getting in loads of trouble which has definitely never happened to us...


    Tubeless is a really good thing. Ride quality is better (yes it is), you can't pinch

  9. The Park Tool HBT-1 makes brake hose prep fun

    The Park Tool HBT-1 makes brake hose prep fun

    Setting up disc brakes isn't all that much fun. It's not that it's particularly hard, but it can be quite time consuming and there are a few fiddly bits that, if we're honest, we'd rather do without. Like adding the inserts into the end of the hoses, that's always a pain. Fiddling with vices, small yellow clamping blocks and still managing to push the hose around rather than add any kind of inserts is a recipe for an afternoon of frustration. Well Park Tool feel that pain too, and their new HBT-1 is a device designed to not only make adding inserts to hoses easier, but to make cutting them a simpler. Two for one, that is.  

    It might be one more for the workshop than the home mechanic, but the HBT-1 will save you plenty of time as it makes setting up and cutting your hoses a much simpler process. Plus, like most of Park Tool's stuff, you can replace parts - the blade and the push pin tip here, specifically - so this one will last as long as you want it to. 

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