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  1. Light and Motion’s Vya lights are everything you want for commuting and more

    Light and Motion’s Vya lights are everything you want for commuting and more

    If you ride a lot at night or commute through the winter, you know that good lights are absolutely vital. But figuring out which ones are best in a market with what seems like a thousand options is pretty hard, and what we all really want is something that'll do the job with minimal fuss. 

    Well Light & Motion have just made things a little easier with the Vya lights, a set that look like they could be the perfect answer for anyone who needs a set to be seen by when they're commuting. 

    The Vya headlight senses ambient light and automatically adjust itself accordingly to the most appropriate mode; pulsing during daytime and steady at night. Better than that, both front and rear lights have motion sensors and automatically turn themselves on and off when the bike moves, so you’ll never come back to the bike shed after work and find that your lights are dead as you’ve accidentally left them on all day. If you want to be doubly sure, removing the

  2. Darkness, darkness everywhere...

    Darkness, darkness everywhere...

    Now that the clocks have changed, we'll all be doing a lot more riding in the dark.
    Here are a few things to help keep you seen out on the roads.

  3. The Winter survival guide

    The Winter survival guide

    Riding in the winter is one of those things that seems much worse than it is. Sure, when the weather's not great it's hard to motivate yourself to get out the door, but when you do it's almost always worth it. Here are a few things you to think about that'll make your winter rides (and post-rides) a bit better.


    Mudguards help keep you dry but, more importantly, they help keep your riding buddies dry too. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the wheel and getting road spray kicked up into your face for hour after hour. Turn up for a winter group ride without mudguards and you’ll likely be told to go home – either than or the group will try and drop you double quick.

    Anyone who’s ridden in the rain for any length of time knows that you get just as wet from water kicked up off the floor than from water falling from the sky. A proper set of mudguards don’t even cost that much. If you’re bike has eyelets to accept t

  4. 100% presents The Glendale

    100% presents The Glendale

    Not content with being the hottest eyewear brand on the planet right now, 100% have been hard at work putting the final touches on their latest creations: The Glendales. 

    Combining classic styling with cutting edge materials and technology, these new sunnies really do give you the best of both worlds on or off the bike. And here they are, modelled by Peter Sagan, naturally:

    These aren't just fancy glasses for balling around in your muscle car, though, they're full of the tech that have made 100%'s glasses so popular. What tech, you ask? Well for starters there's the Italian-made, lightweight, shatterproof TR90 frames - just like those used in the Speedcrafts - which have ultra grip rubber nose and temple that are adjustable for a custom fit. Then there's the impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses with 100% (that's total, not a brand reference) UV protectio

  5. Flat Tire Defender now available on Freewheel

    Flat Tire Defender now available on Freewheel

    Along with puncture-haters everywhere, we at Freewheel are delighted to announce that Flat Tire Defender is now available on site, a brand with 35-years of tyre engineering experience to make sure bike rides aren’t spoiled.

    In case you don't know, Flat Tire Defender make industry-leading foam inserts for mountain bike tyres, that help to both minimise flats and protect rims should the worst manage to happen. That means flatting at the top of the trail becomes less of an issue, as you can ride to the bottom rather than take a long, depressing walk.


    Not only that, but they dampen vibrations, improve resistance to burping and are highly durable, making them the only choice for the rider who wants to push the limits. 

    Originally developed for Motocross, this technology has been proved in maybe the only sport where

  6. The man who quit his job and escaped

    The man who quit his job and escaped

    Bored with his job and feeling like he was wasting his life, Harry Morris quit his job to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime. Here he tells us a little about what he's been doing...

    On the whole I find my life day to day, week to week pretty dull; five days out of seven I sit at a desk or stand looking out of a window. I'm almost literally a weatherman. Those two days free at the weekend I really pride myself on making the most of them; mountain biking, climbing, running, long weekends in Europe and obviously drinking ample amounts.

    I'm lucky enough that I've always been able to go on several adventure trips a year and have been grateful for everything I’ve seen and done. But still, I live to work and despite a generous proportion of my time dedicated to adventure I decided to act and shift the balance, at least for a time, in favour of living.

    Fast forward six months, I’m sat in a lodge - Mushroom Farm - nestled into the Kipengere m

  7. British Adventure Collective | Breaking Borders

    British Adventure Collective | Breaking Borders

    Aaron Rolph and Paul Guest cycled 1800km in seven days to visit 14 countries and break the official Guinness World Record for most countries visited by bicycle in a week. In his own words Aaron kindly looks back and recounts the key moments of this record breaking ride.

    I rekcon anyone who grew up in the UK in the 90s must have watched BBC’s Record Breakers, right? We sure did. And after browsing Guinness’ catalogue of impressive World records, I began to research how feasible breaking the existing record of visiting 13 countries by bicycle in seven days might be…

    Turns out, it was possible enough that we fancied a crack at it. After months and months of planning our train pulled into the remote southern tip of Poland and we were ready to start our record-breaking attempt. Despite the serious mountain passes and high probability of experiencing adverse weather, we went with the ‘just back yourself’ mentality.


  8. How to teach your child to cycle - and why so many parents get it wrong

    How to teach your child to cycle - and why so many parents get it wrong

    Rob Reed is founder of The Bicycle Society, an organisation that has taught over 15,000 children to ride bikes across 300 different schools. 

    Here's his eight-step guide to help parents navigate the tricky route to a child’s cycling succes.

    1. Make sure they feel comfortable

    Start them with a balance bike as young as possible – you can start from around two years old. Once your child can hold his or her own weight in standing, he or she is ready to explore cycling. You just need to help them balance and the seat will support their weight as they learn.

    Have a balance bike as a toy in the house. That way, they can get familiar with it whilst they’re playing, rather than seeing it as a specific skill they need to master.

    2. Focus on three key prompts to keep it simple

    Ask them to look straight ahead, check that they’re sitting with their weight on the seat, and make s

  9. The coolest sunnies that money can't buy

    The coolest sunnies that money can't buy

    These are legit limited edition. Not only sold in select dealers, not while stocks last but genuine money can’t buy. 100% have made just 100 pairs of these green SpeedTraps worldwide to celebrate Peter Sagan’s 89th day in the Green Jersey – more than any other rider in the history of the Tour de France.

    If Sagan manages to win a record-equaling sixth green jersey (tying Erik Zabel) in 10 days’ time, expect to see him rocking these on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

    As we said at the top, you can’t buy these green glasses, but if you want a piece of everyone’s favourite three-time World Champ then never fear, 100% have a Sagan limited edition range available to buy. What do they look like? Glad you asked. They look like this:


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