1. They say style doesn't fade, and PEARL iZUMi's new shoes prove it

    They say style doesn't fade, and PEARL iZUMi's new shoes prove it

    You've probably heard the phrase 'fashions fade, but style is eternal', and maybe that has something to do with the resurgence in popularity of lace-up bike shoes over the last few years. Now PEARL iZUMi have released some modern throwbacks in the shape of the Tour shoes, lace-up classics made from the smartest modern technology designed to give riders everywhere the best of both worlds. 

    With a Nylon composite sole using the 1:1 Composite Power Plate tech - that adds a carbon fibre insert under the forefoot for improved power transfer - the shoes are designed to be stiff enough that you won't feel flex, but comfortable enough to ride in all day. Plus they're compatible with two or three-bolt cleats, so you can use them on or off-road and gravel ride in style. 

    If you're not a fan of the punchy red laces they come with a replacement set of black in the box as well, so you can even go with one red and one black if you want to stretch the boundaries of good t

  2. Dynaplug is the tubeless repair system you've been waiting for

    Dynaplug is the tubeless repair system you've been waiting for

    Tubeless tyre technology is great. Inner tubes are a pain, and doing away with them means less waste, less to carry and fewer things that can go wrong. But having said that, changing a tube is still the answer even on tubeless tyres when the damage is bad enough because sealant can't fill every hole (and especially not the one in your soul). 

    But Dynaplug are on a mission to change all that. For years, Dynaplug’s jewel-like anodized wonders have been the secret weapons for everyone from EWS champions to XCO World cup contenders and hirsute back country adventurers. They’ve popped up on the hottest Instagram feeds and kit checks and for years the UK’s cool kids have been importing them from the US at great expense.

    The great thing is how quick and easy Dynaplug is to use. Just remove whatever caused the damage, push your Dynaplug tool straight into the hole, then remove, leaving behind a viscoelastic impregnated fibre plug that bonds permanently

  3. Lazer Bullet 2.0: Lighter, cooler, visor-ier

    Lazer Bullet 2.0: Lighter, cooler, visor-ier

    Aero is everything, apparently. Except, of course aero means nothing if you have the fastest helmet in the world but it’s so hot and uncomfortable that you don’t want to wear it. Almost all aero helmets have to strike a balance between being fast and being breathable, but Lazer have worked super hard with the Bullet 2.0 on making sure you don’t have to compromise between the two.

    It’ll come as no surprise that the main focus of the Bullet 2.0 is ventilation. Check out the inner of the helmet and you’ll see that it has been totally redesigned featuring all-new brow vents and deeper air channels across the crown. Those are combined with the Venturi cap on the top which improves air acceleration through the helmet which makes sure that air entering the front is sucked right out of the back rather than pooling inside and heating up.

  4. Shimano's new S-Phyre shoes are here and they're gorgeous

    Shimano's new S-Phyre shoes are here and they're gorgeous

    We know we’re biased, but it’s pretty hard to argue that Shimano’s S-Phyre shoes aren’t some of the best-looking shoes around. That’s great, but it means that whatever they were going to follow them up with had to be pretty special. Well the new S-Phyre RC901 shoes are here, and you can judge for yourself but we think they look even sleeker.

    Gone is the mesh insert from under the BOA dials, and the shoes instead have improved ventilation over the whole upper, which also makes for a smoother closure and no annoying bunching. Speaking of which, the upper is now one piece, and those extra perforations have been shaped to make sure that it stays as malleable as possible, resulting in as comfortable a fit as you could possibly wish for.  

    At the other end, the heel cup has been colour matched to the rest of the shoe (rather than black for every colourway like last year) and the cat’s tongue material inside the heel has been improve

  5. 100% partners with BORA-hansgrohe pro cycling

    100% partners with BORA-hansgrohe pro cycling

    Having partnered with Peter Sagan since 2016, 100% has annouced the next step in their road cycling sponsorship by agreeing to sponsor BORA-hansgrohe for the next three years. Not only will Sagan continue to wear the company's iconic designs, but now teammates like Rafael Majka and Daniel Oss will be styled up too. 

    “We’ve just celebrated our two-year anniversary working with Peter (Sagan). The timing couldn’t be better to expand our support,” said Ludo Boinnard, 100% Co-Founder and CEO. “Cycling is a team sport and we’re very excited to expand our partnership to equip the BORA - hansgrohe team.”

    The combination of sponsoring the team and activating at races around the world is a tremendous opportunity for 100%,” Boinnard continued. “Our DNA is 100% racing effort, and this is the perfect opportunity to tell this story together with the BORA-hansgrohe team."

    “100% optics are ergonomic and light;

  6. Light and Motion’s Vya lights are everything you want for commuting and more

    Light and Motion’s Vya lights are everything you want for commuting and more

    If you ride a lot at night or commute through the winter, you know that good lights are absolutely vital. But figuring out which ones are best in a market with what seems like a thousand options is pretty hard, and what we all really want is something that'll do the job with minimal fuss. 

    Well Light & Motion have just made things a little easier with the Vya lights, a set that look like they could be the perfect answer for anyone who needs a set to be seen by when they're commuting. 

    The Vya headlight senses ambient light and automatically adjust itself accordingly to the most appropriate mode; pulsing during daytime and steady at night. Better than that, both front and rear lights have motion sensors and automatically turn themselves on and off when the bike moves, so you’ll never come back to the bike shed after work and find that your lights are dead as you’ve accidentally left them on all day. If you want to be doubly sure, removing the

  7. Darkness, darkness everywhere...

    Darkness, darkness everywhere...

    Now that the clocks have changed, we'll all be doing a lot more riding in the dark.
    Here are a few things to help keep you seen out on the roads.

  8. The Winter survival guide

    The Winter survival guide

    Riding in the winter is one of those things that seems much worse than it is. Sure, when the weather's not great it's hard to motivate yourself to get out the door, but when you do it's almost always worth it. Here are a few things you to think about that'll make your winter rides (and post-rides) a bit better.


    Mudguards help keep you dry but, more importantly, they help keep your riding buddies dry too. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the wheel and getting road spray kicked up into your face for hour after hour. Turn up for a winter group ride without mudguards and you’ll likely be told to go home – either than or the group will try and drop you double quick.

    Anyone who’s ridden in the rain for any length of time knows that you get just as wet from water kicked up off the floor than from water falling from the sky. A proper set of mudguards don’t even cost that much. If you’re bike has eyelets to accept t

  9. 100% presents The Glendale

    100% presents The Glendale

    Not content with being the hottest eyewear brand on the planet right now, 100% have been hard at work putting the final touches on their latest creations: The Glendales. 

    Combining classic styling with cutting edge materials and technology, these new sunnies really do give you the best of both worlds on or off the bike. And here they are, modelled by Peter Sagan, naturally:

    These aren't just fancy glasses for balling around in your muscle car, though, they're full of the tech that have made 100%'s glasses so popular. What tech, you ask? Well for starters there's the Italian-made, lightweight, shatterproof TR90 frames - just like those used in the Speedcrafts - which have ultra grip rubber nose and temple that are adjustable for a custom fit. Then there's the impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses with 100% (that's total, not a brand reference) UV protectio

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