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Get on your bike and discover what the roads, mountains and city paths have to offer. From mountain bikes to road bikes, electric bikes to hybrid bikes, folding bikes to cyclocross bikes, and everything in between – whatever way you ride, we have the kind of bike that you need. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, we cater to every type of cyclist and will help you find your perfect bike.

About Our Bike Brands 

Saracen bikes 2020


Building great bikes. That’s what they do at Saracen. It’s the focus of their small team since 1983 and they are very proud and passionate. Whether you need a cutting-edge downhill bike, a bike for slaying trails at bike parks or a bike for leisure rides with family and friends, Saracen have it covered.

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Genesis 2020 Bikes


Genesis isn’t the biggest bike manufacturer out there but definitely one of the most passionate. Their philosophy is very simple – bring to life bikes we will all enjoy riding. From road to all-mountain with ‘built-in’ practicalities and attention to the smallest details you can be sure you have the right bike to cater all your cycling needs.

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Ridgeback 2020 Bikes


Ridgeback focuses on all things cycling, and their bikes are made to help you go even further than ever before. Ridgeback utilize the latest materials and innovations whilst still retaining the key core values of, cost, comfort, and reliability. Whatever your riding style, we’re sure you’ll find a Ridgeback bike that is right for you.

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  1. New
    Ariel 50-E Elite

    Saracen Ariel 50-E Elite

  2. New
    Ariel 50-E Pro

    Saracen Ariel 50-E Pro

  3. New
    Myst Team 29/27.5

    Saracen Myst Team 29/27.5

  4. Croix De Fer Ti

    Genesis Croix De Fer Ti

    Out of stock
  5. New
    Ariel 50-E

    Saracen Ariel 50-E

  6. New
    Ariel 60 Elite

    Saracen Ariel 60 Elite

    Out of stock
  7. Best Seller

    Ridgeback E-Cargo

    Out of stock
  8. New
    Myst Pro 29/27.5

    Saracen Myst Pro 29/27.5

  9. Best Seller

    Ridgeback MK5

  10. Best Seller
    Advance 2021 Red

    Ridgeback Advance 2021 Red

    Out of stock
  11. Advance   Grey

    Ridgeback Advance Grey

    Out of stock
  12. Croix De Fer 50

    Genesis Croix De Fer 50

    Out of stock
  13. New
    Ariel 80 Pro

    Saracen Ariel 80 Pro

    Out of stock
  14. Ariel 60 Pro

    Saracen Ariel 60 Pro

    Out of stock
  15. X3 Open Frame

    Ridgeback X3 Open Frame

    Out of stock
  16. Best Seller
    2020 Electron Di2

    Ridgeback 2020 Electron Di2

    Out of stock
  17. Fugio 30

    Genesis Fugio 30

  18. Ariel 30 Pro

    Saracen Ariel 30 Pro

    Out of stock
  19. X3

    Ridgeback X3

    From £3,199.99
    Out of stock
  20. Butcher

    Ridgeback Butcher

  21. Best Seller
    Croix De Fer Ti Frameset

    Genesis Croix De Fer Ti Frameset

    Out of stock
  22. 2020 Cyclone Open Frame

    Ridgeback 2020 Cyclone Open Frame

    Out of stock
  23. X2 Open Frame

    Ridgeback X2 Open Frame

    Out of stock
  24. Best Seller
    Equilibrium Disc

    Genesis Equilibrium Disc

  25. Best Seller

    Ridgeback X2

    Out of stock
  26. 2020 Cyclone

    Ridgeback 2020 Cyclone

    Out of stock
  27. New
    Myst AL

    Saracen Myst AL

  28. Electron+ Grey

    Ridgeback Electron+ Grey