When ten of the eighteen World Tour teams use your bottles and cages you know you’re onto something. On top of that, add making the most technologically advanced turbo trainers on the market and its clear why Elite are a favourite brand of the pros. Producing high quality cycling equipment for professional and everyday riders, their range includes cycling rollers, cycling trainers and bottles and cages.



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Pro Hydration

Ten of the eighteen World Tour teams use Elite bottles and cages, so they must be doing something right.

Indoor Training

Elite make some of the best turbo trainers and rollers in the world from budget friendly Mag trainers to direct drive smart trainers that work with Zwift and Elite's own training software.


Elite has been at the forefront of turning rollers and in-door trainers into personal training systems utilizing new resistance technologies, electronics, software and higher levels of realism such as 20% climbs, has created the world’s most famous and recognizable bottle cage and developed the first thermal bottle featuring Nanogel based technology: these all exemplify the meaning of innovation.

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