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  1. Tour De Fer 30

    Genesis Tour De Fer 30

    Out of stock
  2. Tour De Fer 20

    Genesis Tour De Fer 20

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  3. Best Seller

    Ridgeback Panorama

  4. Best Seller
    Tour De Fer 10

    Genesis Tour De Fer 10

  5. Best Seller

    Ridgeback Expedition

  6. Best Seller

    Ridgeback Voyage

  7. Best Seller
    Tour De Fer 10 Flat Bar

    Genesis Tour De Fer 10 Flat Bar

  8. Best Seller

    Ridgeback Tour


Touring Bikes

The best way to see the world is by bike. Whether that’s the little corner you like to call home, crossing continents, or even the world, our touring bikes will take you there. Built for long distance comfort with their strong and versatile construction, why not start your tour right here. Rather than carrying your bag on your back along the way, pannier bags are a great alternative.