One of the most interesting (read: frustrating) things about being a cyclist is the stuff you get given for Christmas. There are very few other hobbies where people fixate on giving you things that are not directly related to said hobby but have pictures of the hobby on them. Like socks with bikes on. Or t-shirts with bikes on. Or mugs with bikes on. Basically lots of things that depict cycling but 99% of which are not actually usable in the performance of cycling. 

So to cut to the chase, if you want to get the cyclist in your life something nice (really very nice) that will actually aid in the cycling that person does you should absolutely consider the Knog Oi bell. There are multiple reasons for this: first, it's a bell and you be surprised how many people don't have one on their bike. Second, even if they do there is no way it's nicer than this one unless, in fact, they have an Oi already, in which case we're totally out of ideas. Sorry. 

There are two types of Knog Oi bell: the Oi Classic and the Oi Luxe. As you've probably guessed, one is a bit fancier than the other but the both share the same design principle which is a bell that's shaped round the bars with a small hammer that you use to make it go ping. The main difference is that while the Oi Classic is mostly plastic, the Oi Luxe goes for a distinctly fancier injection moulded steel construction with a vegan 'leather' shim to match form and function perfectly. 

One very smart function of both Oi bells is the built-in cable management that means they can fit over the cables on your bars which means they'll fit even if the front of your bike looks like a bed of eels, and makes them extra useful for the vast majority of bikes on the market that aren't fancy road bikes where all the cables run internally through the handlebars. But enough waffling from us, if you want a better look then check out this video from the brand itself:

If you think that the cyclist in your life might fancy one, you can see both varieties of the Knog Oi right here on Freewheel. The Classic is only £16.99, with the Luxe at £34.99 so there are options depending on how much you like the person you're buying for...