1. Genesis Explore Series Episode 2: The best laid plans

    Genesis Explore Series Episode 2: The best laid plans

    With Scotland being the home of Robert Burns, it's quite apt that it's also where the best laid plans for our next Genesis Explore Series ride went a little off the rails. Originally Kerry Macphee was supposed to be joining Adam Blythe and Monica Dew as their guide on an adventure from Aberfoyle through the Loch Lomond national park. But a serious crash a few days before filming began meant she couldn't ride and had to provide moral support (and phone-based guidance) instead.  Still, Adam and Monica had a fantastic time taking in the climbs, tracks and lochs in one of Britain's most beautiful places. Check out the video below and, if you missed it, you can catch episode one right here. 

  2. The best places to ride MTB in the UK...

    The best places to ride MTB in the UK...

    Want somewhere new to ride? We asked some of our ambassadors about their favourite places to ride in the UK. This is what they had to say. 

  3. IWD 2020: Meet Polly Clark

    IWD 2020: Meet Polly Clark

    Polly Clark is one of the unsung heroes of the cycling world, and she clocks up more miles in a month than most riders do in a year. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we spent some time with Polly to discuss her love of mountain biking, how the sport can attract more female riders and why mid-Wales is a must-ride destination...

  4. Enter the Freewheel New Forest Spring Sportive

    Enter the Freewheel New Forest Spring Sportive

    Here at Freewheel we're excited to announce that we've teamed up with UK Cycling Events for our first ever sportive - the New Forest Spring Sportive on April 13-14.  There are three routes available - 81 miles, 67 miles and 30 miles - and you can ride any of them on either Saturday or Sunday around the beautiful New Forest in Hampshire. You can check out more about the routes or get your entry booked here, and if you use the code FREEWHEEL10 you'll save 10% on entry*.  On top of that. when you enter you'll get 10% off site wide on Freewheel to spend on whatever you fancy, and we're also running a competition in conjunction with the event to win a package containing everything you need to take on your first sportive - including a bike. You can enter the competition here.  

  5. The man who quit his job and escaped

    The man who quit his job and escaped

    Bored with his job and feeling like he was wasting his life, Harry Morris quit his job to embark upon the adventure of a lifetime. Here he tells us a little about what he's been doing... On the whole I find my life day to day, week to week pretty dull; five days out of seven I sit at a desk or stand looking out of a window. I'm almost literally a weatherman. Those two days free at the weekend I really pride myself on making the most of them; mountain biking, climbing, running, long weekends in Europe and obviously drinking ample amounts. I'm lucky enough that I've always been able to go on several adventure trips a year and have been grateful for everything I’ve seen and done. But still, I live to work and despite a generous proportion of my time dedicated to adventure I decided to act and shift the balance, at least for a time, in favour of living. Fast forward six months, I’m sat in a lodge - Mushroom Farm - nestled into the Kipengere mountain

  6. British Adventure Collective | Breaking Borders

    British Adventure Collective | Breaking Borders

    Aaron Rolph and Paul Guest cycled 1800km in seven days to visit 14 countries and break the official Guinness World Record for most countries visited by bicycle in a week. In his own words Aaron kindly looks back and recounts the key moments of this record breaking ride. I rekcon anyone who grew up in the UK in the 90s must have watched BBC’s Record Breakers, right? We sure did. And after browsing Guinness’ catalogue of impressive World records, I began to research how feasible breaking the existing record of visiting 13 countries by bicycle in seven days might be… Turns out, it was possible enough that we fancied a crack at it. After months and months of planning our train pulled into the remote southern tip of Poland and we were ready to start our record-breaking attempt. Despite the serious mountain passes and high probability of experiencing adverse weather, we went with the ‘just back yourself’ mentality. Deciding to