The Strada Kineticore might be Lazer's best value road helmet

The Strada Kineticore might be Lazer's best value road helmet

Bike stuff, it's expensive, right? Well, yes and no. Like everything, bike kit ranges from expensive enough to make your eyes water right down to really rather good value for money. The thing is, just like every aspect of consumer life, there's something for everyone at pretty much every conceivable price point. Still though, we're all just trying to get the best we can for the money we have to spend. What that means is you have to look through what's on offer and try to find the real sweet spot when it comes to value. For Lazer and its bike helmets, that's the Strada Kineticore. 

The Strada is £89.99. That puts it firmly towards the more affordable end of Lazer's road helmets that peaks with the Vento Kineticore (same helmet used by Jumbo-Visma pro cycling) which comes in at £249.99 and goes all the way down to the Tempo Kineticore at £39.99. 

What so great about the Strada? For a sub-£100 helmet it contains a lot of the features that its more expensive counterparts have. First off is Kineticore, which is shortly going to be ubiquitous throughout the Lazer range. Kineticore is Lazer's very own rotational impact protection system, which (in short) means that in the event of a crash the helmet is designed to absorb dangerous rotational forces that would otherwise affect your brain. 

It also uses the same ScrollSys renention system as the aforementioned Vento, with a large trackpad at the rear of the helmet that you scroll up or down to tighten or loosen the helmet. The great thing about this system is that it tightens progressively around the head, rather than just forcing the head into the front of the helmet. There is also a built-in eyewear dock at the front of the helmet to store your sunnies when you're not using them. 

And away from the technical details - doesn't the Strada look great?! It might be a more budget-focused helmet but it sure doesn't mean that any compromises have been made. We've been riding in the Strada happily for months and if you're in the market for a new road helmet, this one should definitely be on your list. 

You can check out the Strada and the rest of Lazer's range right here on Freewheel.