The Ridgeback Errand is the perfect bike for, well, all sorts of things

The Ridgeback Errand is the perfect bike for, well, all sorts of things

If you’re after a well-priced, highly versatile city e-Bike then you’re in for a treat because Ridgeback is extremely excited to present the new Errand, a bike that makes it easy to do all sorts of things and do them without a car.

It’s called the Errand because the ‘I’m-just-popping-out-for-a-bit’ wasn’t quite as catchy, but that really is the idea behind this bike: make the ultimate utility bike for urban riding, something you’ll ride whether you’re commuting to work, off down to the pub, meeting some friends in town or basically going anywhere that’s a bit too far to walk.

At Ridgeback we already have a comprehensive range of e-Bikes, but the new Errand really does offer something different. With 20” wheels it’s been designed with maximum manoeuvrability in mind because it’s paramount when you’re trying to get around in any urban environment, and that paired with the 2” wide tyres makes for a perfect combination of agility and comfort.

Don’t be fooled by the Errand’s compact appearance, either. The geometry has been designed with all riders in mind so believe us when we tell you that it’ll fit you whether you’re 5’4” or 6’4”. It’s not magic, just a cunning piece of modern, compact frame design.

Running on a Promovec system, the Errand combines a 54Nm motor with a 375Wh battery which not only provides the pedal assistance but powers the lights too. Combine that with the mudguards that come as standard and the front rack for carrying anything you need – as well as rear mounts if you want to add another rack - and the Errand really is ready for almost any occasion straight out of the box.

The Errand is available now in three colours – blue, black and red – and RRP is just £1799.99. Visit to find out more or buy.