It's summer and 100% have your eyewear needs sorted with these new colourways

It's summer and 100% have your eyewear needs sorted with these new colourways

We're gradually creeping towards summer and we all know what that means - sunglasses season is nearly here (ignore that for cyclists almost every season is sunglasses season, that ruins it). Anyway, sunnies are one of those fantastic items that you dont need more of but you do want more of, which makes buying them all the more exciting. 

Never ones to miss a beat, 100% is way ahead of us with some extremely cool designs for SS22 that are guaranteed to make you want to hide that credit card just to resist temptation. 

This is the Hypercraft. If you want sunglasses with a 'not there' feel, then this is the model for you as they weigh just 23g which is the same as 23g of anything else because that's how weight works...

There's also a new Hypercraft XS for 2022, which is basically the same glasses but with a smaller profile for anyone who finds the Hypercraft a little imposing on the face. The above colourway is called Matte Metallic Digital Brights with a Dark Purple lens and we just love it. 


The Speedcraft is the original, the model that started it all for 100%. It's now iconic design gets an amazing refresh with the new colours, including Polished Translucent Lavender with the matching Lavender HiPER Mirror lens. It makes for a really subtle set of sunnies that would look amazing with a white Lazer Genesis (just saying), but pair beautifully with a lot of different things because of the laid back style. 

As an amalgamation of the best bits of the S2 and the Speedcraft, the S3 has become one of the most popular models in the 100% range. The top edge matches that of the S2, and the bottom profile is the Speedcraft and this pair come in an already-iconic colourway that'll have cyclists and car buffs alike licking their lips in anticipation. 100% call it Soft Tact Two Tone but I think we all know what it reminds us of, and paired with the top end HiPER Silver Mirror lens it's definitely one of the best colourways 100% has made to date. 

Most of the above colours are available throughout the models 100% makes, and you can find them all right here on Freewheel