Head off the beaten path with Madison Clothing's gravel kit

Head off the beaten path with Madison Clothing's gravel kit

If variety is the spice of life, then bike kit that hold its own in various different disciplines is definitely a good way to save money. With the borders between on-road and off-road riding blurred more than ever before, the clever people at Madison Clothing have decided that needing completely different wardrobes for different rides is both an over investment and way too much faff. That's why their Roam kit is no longer just MTB clothing, it's ready for gravel, MTB, road and yes, maybe even the odd commute as well. 

The Roam range consists of five main pieces: a merino jersey (which is lovely), a technical riding t-shirt, a set of baggy shorts, some super en vogue cargo bib shorts and a packable jacket. All of those are designed to keep you comfortabe no matter what type of riding you do, but they're absolutely perfect for gravel riding, that most surface-curious two-wheeled genre. 

The most intriguing bit of kit in the Roam collection has to be the Cargo bib shorts. Yep, bib shorts with pockets might be the latest trend but there's a good reason why: you can't have too many pockets, especially if riding with a bag really isn't your thing. Better than that, the Roam shorts dont just have a pocket on each thigh, they also have five drop in rear pockets which means you can practically make yourself into a rolling buffet (we're sure you could use those pockets for other stuff than food, but why would you?). 

The central pocket has also been designed - in conjuction with the hose straps - so that you can put a hydration bladder straight in there without the need for a bag which is a very smart touch. Outside of those things, though, the shorts contain lots of the touches that have made Madison's road and liner shorts popular like the Italian-made TMF chamois, sillicone hem grippers and soft mesh panels on the waist, hips and back to prevent overheating. 

If you're after the perfect complement to the cargo bibs, then look no further than the Roam merino jersey. The perfectly weighted 150g fabric is a blend of 65% merino and 35% polyester, making it both light and great-feeling against the skin as well as providing a nice balance between fast wicking and being warm enough to keep you going evening on cold mornings and cool evenings. 

The fit of the jersey is relaxed, making it comfortable in a variety of riding positions and it's designed to let the air move around you and the three rear pockets and one zip pocked for valuables are ideal for anything you need to carry with you. 

If you're only going to take one thing with you on a ride, then a packable jacket would probably vie for that one spot. The weather can change quickly (and especially so in the UK) so having something to keep off the wind or rain should the elements come out to play is always a good idea. 

As you've probably guessed, the Roam Lightweight Packable jacket is both wind and waterproof, the latter thanks to a DWR coating while the fabric itself is chosen for its ability to keep out the wind. The key element, though, is the packability. If you're just popping out for an hour, you dont want to lug a load of stuff with you and likely dont want the hassle of a bag, either, so this jacket folds down into its own pocket so you can slip it into the back of your jersey or saddlebag and always have that protection there if you need it. 

Available in both men's and women's versions, the whole Roam range is ready to buy right here on Freewheel