A guide to Thule bike racks

A guide to Thule bike racks

When it comes to bike racks Thule are one of the most respected names in the business and for good reason, their racks are innovative, reliable and go about keeping your bikes safe during transport in a way that nobody else can match. 

No matter what vehicle you have, there’s a Thule rack that will meet your needs. From small hatchbacks to large vans, there’s a solution to every problem and their award-winning ProRide carriers in particular can fit almost any car on the market with the right foot packs. 

Here’s our guide to Thule’s bike racks to give you an idea of what’s available and what might be the best solution for taking your bikes with you. 


Available for two or three bike transportation, the Raceway is a classic rear mounted rack that light, strong and easy to fit/remove from your car as you need it. It’s perfect for hatchback, saloon or estate cars and doesn’t need roof bars like some of the other options in Thule’s range. 

The arms are made from a hollow core resin, which makes it strong, light and stiff so you can be sure your bikes won’t bounce around while you’re driving. It has a maximum weight of 15kg per bike, though, so if you’re wanting to take a bunch of eBikes with you then it’s best to look at one of the other styles here. 

For security, the fit dials have a lockable cover so nobody can remove the rack from the car while you’re not there and an integrated cable lock secures the outermost bike to the rack for extra peace of mind. 

Thule ProRide 598 in black

ProRide and UpRide

Unlike the other racks here, that attach directly to your vehicle or a tow bar, the ProRide and UpRide racks from Thule work in conjunction with their roof bar system so to use them you’ll also need a set of Thule Wing, Slide or Aero bars. 

The bonus of this system is that it makes the bikes extremely quick and easy to rack and remove, and you can take the rack itself off the roof bars when you’re not using it. 

The ProRide holds the bikes using a clamp and strap system with smartly designed wheel holders with diagonal straps for a larger clamping area, paired to a frame clamp with adaptable jaws that conform to the shape of your frame for a secure hold that won’t damage the carbon structure. 

The UpRide, on the other hand, uses a unique wheel-only clamping system that holds the bike by the front wheel, which is ideal for carbon bikes or any bikes with an awkward frame that’s hard to clamp (TT bikes, anyone?). It can even accept fat bikes with tyres up to 5” wide using the TH5991 fat bike adapter. 

EasyFold XT

Packing all the features you need into a foldable setup for easier storage and carrying, the EasyFold XT comes in two varieties for two or three bikes. As a towbar rack it keeps everything organised and out of contact with your vehicle, and folds up small enough to inside most car boots when you’re not using it. 

The AcuTight torque knobs make sure that you don’t over tighten the clamps on your bikes, and the foot activated smart tilt means you can adjust the orientation of the rack to make it easier to move the bikes while keeping both hands free to hold them. 

With a weight limit of 30kg per bike, it can handle heavy and long wheelbase downhill bikes, and wheels are securely held in place with pump buckle straps so the bikes won’t budge when you’re driving. 

VeloSpace XT

Thule’s most versatile and robust all-round rack, the VeloSpace is purpose designed to transport the most awkward bikes - like DH bikes or eBikes - and the extra long wheel cradles can cope with wheelbases up to 130cm. 

On top of that, the extra spacing between bikes on the rack means extra wide bars, forks, dropouts and bottom brackets are no problem. 

One great feature is the ability to upgrade this to a four-bike rack using the TH9831+1 adapter, making it one of very few racks on the market that can cope with four bikes. Plus if you buy the BackSpace XT you can convert it into a general load carrier to increase the capacity of the car when it comes to non-bike-related trips. 


Designed specifically for use with the Volkswagen T6, the WanderWay is a two-bike rack that can be adapted for up to four bikes, meaning you can save space inside the van for all the other stuff you need to take with you. 

Because it’s designed specifically for the T6, installation is quick and easy and it sits high enough that your number plate won’t be obscured either, so you can put that piece of cardboard and felt tips away. 

The easy adjust sliding rails makes getting bikes on and off easy, and it clips up vertically to take up less space when not in use and means it’s easier to store when you take it off the vehicle.