If you want a gravel bike, Genesis is the brand for you

If you want a gravel bike, Genesis is the brand for you

Genesis is a bike brand that's become synonymous with two-wheeled adventure. Their bikes have been ridden almost literally all over the world, from the tops of mountains, to deserts, to the Transcontinental race right down to the roads, lanes and trails near you. 

For nearly 20 years now Genesis has been making bikes for people that just love bikes. Back when they started the range was an eclectic mix of do-it-all machines and not much has changed two decades down the line other than now you'd call their core range 'gravel bikes'. 

But the best thing about a Genesis gravel bike is that it;s a machine designed to do much more than fit one category. When you buy a Genesis you're opening yourself up to a world of possiblities no matter where you live or where you want to ride. Here's a guide to the four core bikes than make up Genesis's 'adventure/gravel' range, and if you want to look at all the bikes Genesis has to offer, you can find them on Freewheel here. 

Croix de Fer

The Croix de Fer is an icon. Oft imitated but never bettered, it’s the bike of choice for anyone who wants an adventure on two wheels. The reason for that is it’s a bike that can do a bike of everything and as such really defies the sort of categorisation that most bikes fall into.

Want to use it as a gravel bike? No problem. Maybe you fancy road riding but need to take stuff with you? That’s easy with the CdF. What’s that? You want to go on an adventure from the top of North America to the very bottom of South America? You’re in luck, the CdF is the bike for you. 

With a solid Reynolds 725 steel frame, 37c tyres as standard and a Shimano 105/GRX810 groupset this year’s Croix de Her 30 is as ready for anything right out of the box as it has ever been. If you’re not looking to spend that much, there’s the CdF 20, CdF 10, CdF Flat bar for anyone who wants a super capable town bike and even the choice of three frame sets for anyone who wants to make their own bike from scratch. 

Check out the Genesis Croix de Fer 10 on Freewheel here.


While Genesis loves steel bikes, they also get that some people just want carbon and that’s why they made the Datum. One of the first genuine gravel bikes on the market, the Datum was blazing a trail before anyone even thought to call it gravel riding. 

Built around a 24/30t carbon fibre frameset, the Datum is a proper all-rounder, as ready for a ride on the road as it is to tackle a towpath or more hardcore off-road excursions. With one full SRAM Rival specced bike and a frameset available you can go for the stock option or build your very own Datum for the ultimate in gravel-riding luxury. 

Check out the Genesis Datum on Freewheel here.


If you take the Croix de Fer and turn it all the way up to 11, you get the Fugio. Drop bars, massive 50c tyres and a steel frame that’s built to last, the Fugio never saw a trail that it didn’t like. When you’re riding a Fugio, it won’t be the bike that holds back your ambitions. 

They also have the most eye-catching paint jobs in the whole Genesis range, because if you’re going to go big you might as well do it properly. Whether you pick yellow into orange or blue into blue you’ll be getting a bike that really stands out in a crowd as is ready to take you anywhere you want to go. 

Check out the Genesis Fugio 20 on Freewheel here.


If there’s one bike that defies categorisation it’s the Vagabond. It’s not an MTB, not really a gravel bike and certainly not a road bike, it’s simply the Vagabond. 

There’s really only one way to know whether the Vagabond is the bike for you, and that’s to just look at it. If you look at it and don’t really know what you’d use it for then check out the bikes above, but if you catch one glimpse and your mind explodes with possibilities and thoughts of adventure then you’ve just found your two-wheeled soulmate. 

Check out the Genesis Vagabond on Freewheel here.