TruFlo's new pump range is looking great

TruFlo's new pump range is looking great

You might think that floor pumps (or track pumps, if you prefer) are a particularly unexciting bit of kit. And that statement would be correct if it wasn't so very, very wrong. There are few workshop tools used more than the floor pump. You should really check your tyre pressure every time you ride which means you could well be using that pump every single day. If you're going to use something that often, it makes sense to make sure the pump you have is good quality and easy to use. You'd be surprised how many pumps have fiddly pump heads or annoying little things about them that make them a pain to use. 

The other thing to consider is that a good floor pump is an investment. If you buy a quality one then it might be the only (or last) pump you'll ever buy. Sure, £80 might seem expensive but spread that out over 50 years of cycling and innumerable uses and it suddenly seems like a pretty good deal. 

Speaking of pumps - and don't act like you didn't see this one coming - TruFlo have an all new range for 2021. So if you're in the market for a floor pump, here's a good place to start. 

Stylish yet understated, the Classictrax features an oversized dial and the ability to pump tyres up to 240psi


EcoTrax – RRP £24.99

The new entry-level pump punches above its weight in performance and its smaller size makes it ideal for home or travel use. With a 1.5” gauge and an auto-select pump head, it’s capable of pressures up to 120psi.

Easitrax 4 – RRP £34.99

Back with its fourth iteration, the best-selling Easitrax has a few updates to make the ever-popular pump even better. Available in three colours, the pump features a 2.5” gauge, larger steel base for improved stability and the auto-select pump head. For pressures up to 160psi.

Maxtrax 4 – RRP £39.99

Another pump into its fourth generation is the MaxTrax. The subtle grey barrel give it a classy, understated look, it has all the features of the Easitrax and adds on an easy-reach hose attachment, making it perfect for bikes in workstands or mounted on car racks.

Supertrax – RRP £54.99

The brand new Supertrax is a high volume/high pressure pump that’s perfect if you want one thing to easily inflate both MTB/gravel and road tyres. With a 3” pump and an easy switch to change between high volume/high pressure modes, the gauge displays the 1-40psi range in 1-digit increments to make it easy to find the exact pressure you’re after.

Classictrax – RRP £84.99

Featuring a polished aluminium barrel, traditional wooden handle and die-cast aluminium base with an integrated 2.5” gauge, the Classictrax is a pump made to inflate your tyres and look great while doing it. The twin-valve pump head has an air bleed button to help hit those pressures exactly and it can inflate up to 240psi making it perfect for home, the workshop or even the velodrome.   

On top of those five floor pumps, there’s also the new Mini/Shock pump which, as the name suggests, is a portable pump with a dual attachment for tyres and suspension.