More helpful bike maintenance-related tips from Park Tool

More helpful bike maintenance-related tips from Park Tool

Hey there everyone, and welcome to another selection of bike maintenance videos brought to you by the experts at Park Tool. We talk a lot on Freewheel about keeping your bike clean and making sure that everything works correctly, and so saw no reason not to bang on about it again here, except this time you can listen to people rather than reading our monotone written narrative. Check out the below videos, hope you enjoy them!

Do you run disc brakes? Have you ever wondered why some use dot fluid and others use mineral oil? And, more importantly, have you ever wondered what would happen if you used the wrong one? Well, Truman and Calvin from Park Tool are here to tell you exactly what would happen (spoiler: you really dont want to try it). Check out the video below. 

Okay, let's make this blog a safe space for a moment. Feeling comfortable? Good. Right, who here can admit to not looking after their bike as well as they probably should? Come on, we should really be seeing more hands than that...

Anyway, if your drivetrain starts skipping, it's easy to just replace the chain and assume that means everything will start working beautifully again. But other drivetrain parts wear out too, it just tends to take longer which means by the time you get round to replacing them they can be in a pretty poor state. In the below video, Calvin Jones from Park shows you how to identify whether it's a chainring that needs replacing when your chain starts to skip. 

If you've ever seen House, you'll know that without a correct diagnosis it's really hard to treat an illness. Think of Calvin as your bike equivalent of House, if House was really nice and much, much more helpful. In the below video Calvin identifies a probelm with chain skip, but the runs through a whole variety fo things that might be causing it before showing you what's really wrong. 

Just like the above video, figuring out what's really causing the problem on your bike can occasionally be frustrating, but it'll save you time and money in the long run. 

Park Tool has a huge variety of resources on their YouTube channel that show you how to use their tools correctly, how to maintain your bike at home and also, help you gain a better understanding of how your bike works. The best part is that it'll all free, and if you want to watch more then all you have to do is click this link to go straight to their channel.