Lazer helmets: a buyer's guide

Lazer helmets: a buyer's guide

Variety might be the spice of life but it can also be a right pain when you're trying to make decisions. There are so many helmets on the market now that trying to figure out what makes one different from another can end up being rather confusing, so we've put together this quick guide on Lazer's helmets to give you an idea of what some of the main models are and what type of riding they're made for. 


If you want a classic urban-style helmet, then you won’t do much better than the Armor. Helmets that look like this have been around forever and with good reason, they’re low profile, simple and tough. Plus the Armor is available in a vast array of colours so you’re spoiled for choice (seriously, there are loads of different designs, if you don’t find one you like then you’re just being picky). 

Made using a one-piece in-mould construction, the Armor has 16 cooling vents, comes with multiple padding options and weighs just 275g for a medium. Check it out here

Offering a totally different look to the Armour, the Tonic is another budget-friendly option for anyone who wants to commute by bike and fancies something that looks a little more like a road lid. With 28 vents it’s perfect to keep you cool while you ride and the TS+ retention system gives it a snug and comfortable fit. You can also buy an LED to fit into the TS Plus dial to add another light to keep you safe while you ride urban roads. 

This one here is in dark blue, but there are six other colours to choose from including yellow and red if you fancy a little more colour in your life. Plus, like almost all Lazer's helmets, for a little bit more you can get the Tonic with MIPS


Here's the thing about the Chiru: you really will struggle to get a better helmet for the price. Coming in at only £39.99, the Chiru is an MTB lid designed to offer all the safety and performance of more expensive helmets but cater for anyone who's after something that doesn't cost a fortune. 

You get deep rear coverage, 15 vents, the Turnfit Plus retention system and a colour-matched visor which makes for a helmet that looks great and performs brilliantly. 


If you’re a road rider then you’re really spoiled for choice with Lazer. They're a Belgian brand so road riding is practically in their DNA and they currently have three top-end road riding options: the Bullet 2.0, the Z1 and the Genesis. All three have been ridden in the biggest bike races by the world’s best riders and the Genesis is both the newest road helmet in Lazer’s lineup and the lightest helmet they’ve ever made coming in at just 195g for a size small. 

It uses Lazer’s Advanced Rollsys closure system that sits on the top of the helmet and gives a progressive closure around the head - rather than forcing your head forwards into the front of the helmet like a lot of other road lids do. Once you use it, you'll never want to try another system. 


Want all the styling and safety of a full-face helmet but without the huge price tag? You need to check out the Phoenix+. Coming in at just £69.99  you get 16 cooling vents, an adjustable visor and Amultiple internal pads in a package that weighs only 980g for a medium. Oh, and a choice of 6 different colourways

But if you're after something a little more versatile, then you should take a look at the Revolution. One of the first certified helmets that could be converted between full-face and open, it's the best of both worlds in one package. The chin bar is sold separately though, so keep that in mind. 

If you don’t need a full-face helmet then the Coyote is a great option. With clean and simply styling, it’s a helmet that looks great while also providing all the comfort and features you’d want from an off-road lid. 

The bottomshell construction makes for a clean appearance with no edges looking unfinished, and the TS+ fit system provides a comfortable and reliable fit. The rear shell is designed to hold the strap of your goggles and works in conjunction with the open front that’s also been created with goggles in mind. 

The best part is that you get all that for just £69.99, so you’re not dropping crazy money just to get a helmet that you’ll want to wear every time you ride. 

If your budget is a little higher then you should turn your attention to the Impala. Lighter, sporting an adjustable visor and using the higher end Advanced Turnfit retention system, the Impala adds a little luxury into your off-road riding and looks good while doing it. 


The Lil' Gekko is just one of a huge range of children's helmets from Lazer. They come in all sizes and a whole host of different designs

Lazer make so many childrens' helmets, and they're all geared towards kids of different ages and sizes, just like helmets for children should be. These helmets are sold by head size just like the adult equivalents, but unlike the adult lids each model doesnt have a variety of sizes, there's a different model if your child needs a bigger helmet. You can see them all over at and, of course, buy any of them right here on Freewheel. 

Plus, if you don't see something you like from Lazer here then don't worry. This is just touching on the range and you can see all of them over at Freewheel. There really is something for everyone.