Tubeless tyre technology is great. Inner tubes are a pain, and doing away with them means less waste, less to carry and fewer things that can go wrong. But having said that, changing a tube is still the answer even on tubeless tyres when the damage is bad enough because sealant can't fill every hole (and especially not the one in your soul). 

But Dynaplug are on a mission to change all that. For years, Dynaplug’s jewel-like anodized wonders have been the secret weapons for everyone from EWS champions to XCO World cup contenders and hirsute back country adventurers. They’ve popped up on the hottest Instagram feeds and kit checks and for years the UK’s cool kids have been importing them from the US at great expense.

The great thing is how quick and easy Dynaplug is to use. Just remove whatever caused the damage, push your Dynaplug tool straight into the hole, then remove, leaving behind a viscoelastic impregnated fibre plug that bonds permanently to the tyre. That's right, there's no removing the tyre, no, glues, no patches and no fiddling around with ‘bacon strips’ that can dry out or get contaminated. Just a super-fast, reliable repair.

You can check out the full Dynaplug range here