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  1. Women's Sumire Bib Shorts

    Shimano Clothing Women's Sumire Bib Shorts

  2. DTE Women's 3-Layer Waterproof Shorts

    Madison DTE Women's 3-Layer Waterproof Shorts

  3. Flux Women's EIT Padded Bib Short

    Madison Flux Women's EIT Padded Bib Short

  4. Roam Women's Cargo Cycling Shorts

    Madison Roam Women's Cargo Cycling Shorts

  5. Best Seller
    Freewheel Trail Women's Shorts

    Madison Freewheel Trail Women's Shorts

  6. Roam Women's Stretch Shorts

    Madison Roam Women's Stretch Shorts

  7. Women's Inizio Shorts

    Shimano Clothing Women's Inizio Shorts

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    Flux women's shorts

    Madison Flux women's shorts

    £69.99   £44.99
  9. Sale
    Sportive Women's Bib Shorts

    Madison Sportive Women's Bib Shorts

    £49.99   £42.49
  10. Sale
    Sportive Women's 3/4 Shorts

    Madison Sportive Women's 3/4 Shorts

    £49.99   £42.49
  11. Sale
    Turbo women's shorts

    Madison Turbo women's shorts

    £59.99   £39.99
  12. Best Seller
    Sportive Women's Shorts

    Madison Sportive Women's Shorts

  13. Sale
    Zena women's shorts

    Madison Zena women's shorts

    £59.99   £39.99
  14. Best Seller
    Flux Women's Liner Shorts

    Madison Flux Women's Liner Shorts

  15. Sale
    Leia women's shorts

    Madison Leia women's shorts

    £54.99   £34.99
  16. Sale
    Stellar women's shorts

    Madison Stellar women's shorts

    £49.99   £34.99
  17. Sale
    Freewheel Women's Baggy Shorts

    Madison Freewheel Women's Baggy Shorts

    £49.99   £34.99
  18. Best Seller
    Freewheel Women's Liner Shorts

    Madison Freewheel Women's Liner Shorts

  19. Sale
    Freewheel Tour Women's Shorts

    Madison Freewheel Tour Women's Shorts

    Was £29.99   Now £19.99
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    Freewheel Track women's shorts

    Madison Freewheel Track women's shorts

    £24.99   £16.99

Shorts & Bibshorts

Our shorts are perfect for keeping you cool during the warmer months. Designed for cycling, Bib shorts come with shoulder straps instead of elastic waistbands to keep the shorts in place and eliminate chaffing.  Browse our range of high-quality padded or non-padded bib and non-bib shorts for both men and women.