Bliss Protection

Bliss Protection

In 2006, Matthias Ascherl launched Bliss Protection – body armour, knee pads and protection with an award-winning design that is flexible, breathable and gives great freedom of movement, while still retaining incredible energy-absorbing impact protection. Whether you are a keen snowboarder, into MTB or just love extreme outdoor sports this is the brand for you.

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  1. Best Seller
    Comp LD Top Comp Body Armour

    Bliss Protection Comp LD Top Comp Body Armour

  2. Comp LD Tank Top

    Bliss Protection Comp LD Tank Top

    Was £134.99 From £134.99
  3. Minimalist Vest

    Bliss Protection Minimalist Vest

  4. Team Vest

    Bliss Protection Team Vest

  5. ARG Vertical+ Knee Pad

    Bliss Protection ARG Vertical+ Knee Pad

  6. Best Seller
    Team Knee/Shin Pad

    Bliss Protection Team Knee/Shin Pad

  7. Best Seller
    Team Knee Pad

    Bliss Protection Team Knee Pad

  8. Best Seller
    ARG Minimalist Knee

    Bliss Protection ARG Minimalist Knee

  9. Sale
    ARG Comp Knee Pad

    Bliss Protection ARG Comp Knee Pad

    £109.99 £69.99 (Save 36%)
  10. Sale
    ARG Vertical Extended Knee Pad

    Bliss Protection ARG Vertical Extended Knee Pad

    Was £94.99 From £59.99 (Save 37%)
  11. Team Crash Short

    Bliss Protection Team Crash Short

  12. Best Seller
    Team Elbow Pad

    Bliss Protection Team Elbow Pad

  13. Best Seller
    ARG Minimalist Elbow

    Bliss Protection ARG Minimalist Elbow

  14. Sale
    Vertical Knee Pad

    Bliss Protection Vertical Knee Pad

    £79.99 £37.49 (Save 53%)
  15. Sale
    ARG Vertical Elbow Pads Women's

    Bliss Protection ARG Vertical Elbow Pads Women's

    £69.99 £22.49 (Save 68%)
  16. Sale
    ARG Elbow Pads Kids

    Bliss Protection ARG Elbow Pads Kids

    £59.99 £19.49 (Save 68%)