Take five minutes to lust over Shimano's S-Phyre RC903 shoes

Take five minutes to lust over Shimano's S-Phyre RC903 shoes

Shimano S-Phyre road shoes are quite rightly regarded as one of the very best cycling shoes money can buy. They combine top end performance with superb good looks to make for pretty much everything you could ever want in a set of shoes. 

If you want the technical jargon, then the RC903 features a upgraded upper pattern and fabric - a flexible microfibre synthetic leather - for an improved fit and weight reduction, which sheds 20g per pair compared to the RC902 model. The upper also features more micro perforations to keep your feet cool and improve breathability even when you're riding hard in hot weather. The closure system is dual BOA Li2 dials, which BOA describe as having a sleek, low-profile design (aka they look very cool) as well as increased durability and a high degree of adjustability. 

The RC903 also follows the RC902 in doing away with a lasting board, instead using a seamless misole with a 360-degree wrap around upper which both reduces stack height and helps the upper to look incredibly good. 

Tell us that white-on-white heel cup isn't the best thing you've ever seen. We're waiting...

On a much more subjective level, though, the changes made to the design just make the RC903 look ever slicker and sleeker than its predecessor. Specifically we're talking about the white-on-white heel cup which just makes our hearts sing. Honestly, if there's anything better (and less practical) in cycling than a new white set of shoes with a crisp, just-as-white set of socks then we're really not sure what it could be. But if white isn't your think (and we would respectfully disagree but completely understand) then there are black, red and blue versions available, each just as lovely as the next. 

If you want a set of S-Phyre RC903 shoes then you'll have to wait just a little longer, but that gives you plenty of time to decide which of the other S-Phyre clothing/accessories you'd like to pair them with (we particularly like the seamless overshoes, personally) and there are a couple of new pieces on the way in that department, too. And anyway, anything this good is surely worth waiting for, right?