Park Tool’s Sliding T-Handle wrenches are the epitome of workshop luxury

Just like your normal hex or torx keys, but much, much nicer...

Park Tool’s Sliding T-Handle wrenches are the epitome of workshop luxury

Over the last few years Park Tool have made a habit of releasing tools that we can’t wait to get our hands on. But even by their own high standards these new T-Handle Wrenches are special, just check them out. 

So what makes these different to the hex and torx keys you have at home? Well for starters they have a sliding handle at the top, letting you get to bolts in difficult positions by altering the length of the T-handle. And at the other end of the handle there is a Strip-Gripper, a twisted hex bolt that helps you to remove those bolts that might have been damaged in the past. 

Moving on down to the long section, and the built-in speed spinner is great for quickly tightening the first turns of long bolts and the action is super smooth. This is hex and torx keys like you haven’t seen them before. 

Fancy tools might seem like a false economy, but actually nothing could be further from the truth. Well made tools will last way longer than those super cheap hex keys you picked up at the supermarket because well made tools use quality materials and are machined to proper tolerances so your 5mm wrench will be a 5mm wrench, not a 4.5mm and that means it won’t be rounding out bolts on your bike any time soon. 

Made from a combination of Chrome Vanadium and S-2 tool steels, these wrenches are built to last and these sets of 8 come with a handy workshop holder that will attach directly to your tool boards. The hex keys come with Park Tool blue coloured spinning sections, while the torx keys have a rather fetching metallic green colour so you wont find yourself grabbing the wrong ones in the workshop by accident. 

It’s nice to have nice things, and these sets deserve pride of place in your workshop. You can check the hex keys out on Freewheel here, and the torx keys here.