Now we're not saying that Free Shift and Auto shift will change your life, but it might very well change the way that you ride your E-Bike. One of the wonderful things about E-Bikes is that they've driven innovation, making things possible that nobody would have thought to try on a 'traditional' bike. Things like a change in the way shifting works and a level of automation that you don't know you need until you've tried it. 

So basically there are three shift modes you can now choose from on your Shimano STEPS-equipped E-MTB. The first one is manual shift and it's exactly what you think it is. Standard shifting where you press the shift lever and the gears respond accordingly just like since the dawn of time (ish). On the other hand, Auto Shift is a system that, er, shifts for you automatically so you can keep your mind on the trail ahead. Basically, Auto Shift uses your speed and pre-set preferences (done on the app) to always keep you in the right gear. 

Free Shift is a little more complicated but only for the reason that it can be used in both manual and auto shift modes; hence the names manual free shift and auto free shift. In essence, free shift means you can shift gear without pedalling, meaning no more trying to get a couple more pedals strokes in before that corner to try and shift. Confused? Dont be. Watch this video:

If you dont already have an E-Bike and are feeling a little E-curious, the Saracen Ariel 50E is definitely worth taking a look at. Coming in three builds - 50E, 50E Pro and 50E Elite - it's a trail bike that takes everything so many riders love about the Ariel and adds in the battery and motor for more time (and more fun) out on the trails.