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Do I have to create an account with Freewheel?

Fast Checkout: You don’t need an account to shop with us as you can make a purchase using our Guest Checkout. However, at the end of the checkout process we highly recommend that you take a moment to become a Registered Customer, as there are many advantages in doing so.

For example:

You have greater control over how you shop with us

You receive our exclusive special offers and promotional codes

You can sign in using your Facebook or Strava accounts

You will not have to re-enter your contact details the next time you place an order
This is especially handy when ordering on your smart phone.

You can amend your delivery address and payment details

You will be notified of events and special offers from your nearest bike store

You can quickly reorder your favourite products 

You can create and share your own wishlist

I've forgotten my password, what do I do?

We can help reset your password: With so many websites to access these days, it can be difficult to remember all of your passwords. If you forget your existing Freewheel password, simply tap or click on the Sign In link at the top of the screen and choose [Forgot Your Password]. We will then automatically send you an email with a link to set up a new one.

How do I update/view my account details?

Sign In : Tap or Click the Sign In link at the top of the screen. This will take you to My Account dashboard, from here you will be able view or update the following sections of your Freewheel account:

Your Contact Information

Your Billing and Delivery Address

Your Payment Methods

Your Saved Items

Your Newsletter Subscription

Your Order History

Are my personal details secure ?

Shop securelyAt Freewheel we make every effort to ensure the security of your purchases and personal details. Freewheel uses secure server software to protect your information. This software encrypts all information you input before it is sent to us to minimise the risk of the being intercepted before it is received by us.

Why can't I sign in?

We are here to help: Please make sure you have entered the same username and password that you entered when registering with us. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive. You can easily reset your password here.

If you are still having problems, please contact Freewheel Customer Services at Customerservice@freewheel.co.uk.

How do I close my account?

It would be a shame to see you go: It's easy to do so. Simply send the following details to Freewheel Customer Care:

1) Your full name

2) The email address used when you set up the account

3) Your billing address

Is it easy to subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter?

Sign up today: Signing up to our Freewheel Newsletter will keep you up to date with exclusive promotions and the latest product news. Plus, your local bike store may wish to notify you of local cycling events and services in your area. We won't bombard you with emails; we will only send you information that we feel is relevant to your cycling needs.

To subscribe to Freewheel Newsletter, simply enter your email address in our newsletter sign up section or subscribe when you are making a purchase during the checkout.

To unsubscribe to Freewheel Newsletter:

1 ) Scroll to the bottom of any of our emails and select [Unsubscribe].

2) Log into your Freewheel Account and select [Change Marketing Preferences] and select Unsubscribe