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  1. New
    VIBE Superlight Stem, Alloy

    PRO VIBE Superlight Stem, Alloy

  2. VIBE Stem, Alloy -10?

    PRO VIBE Stem, Alloy -10?

  3. VIBE Stem, Alloy, 17?

    PRO VIBE Stem, Alloy, 17?

  4. VIBE EVO Spacer Set, 5/10/15mm

    PRO VIBE EVO Spacer Set, 5/10/15mm

  5. VIBE Topcap

    PRO VIBE Topcap

  6. VIBE Bottom Spacer

    PRO VIBE Bottom Spacer


Choosing a different stem length or angle is a great way to adjust your cycling position. Bike stems connect your handlebars to your frame, helping you to get the ideal height and feel for your ride. Browse our collection from leading brands today.