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  1. Corsa Pro Tub

    Vittoria Corsa Pro Tub

  2. Pista Speed Tubular

    Vittoria Pista Speed Tubular

  3. Air-Liner Insert Road Kit

    Vittoria Air-Liner Insert Road Kit

  4. Best Seller
    Corsa Pro Tyres

    Vittoria Corsa Pro Tyres

  5. Corsa Pro Control Tyres

    Vittoria Corsa Pro Control Tyres

  6. New
    Corsa Pro Speed Tubeless Tyres

    Vittoria Corsa Pro Speed Tubeless Tyres

  7. Sale
    Corsa Speed Tubular

    Vittoria Corsa Speed Tubular

    £119.99   £85.99
  8. Sale
    Corsa Control Tubular

    Vittoria Corsa Control Tubular

    £109.99   £77.99
  9. Sale
    Corsa Tubular

    Vittoria Corsa Tubular

    £109.99   £77.99
  10. Mazza Race Tyres

    Vittoria Mazza Race Tyres

  11. Rubino Pro Iv Tubular

    Vittoria Rubino Pro Iv Tubular

  12. Martello Race Tyres

    Vittoria Martello Race Tyres

  13. Mota Race Tyres

    Vittoria Mota Race Tyres

  14. E-Agarro Tyres

    Vittoria E-Agarro Tyres

  15. Mazza Tyres

    Vittoria Mazza Tyres

  16. New
    Mezcal Race Tyres

    Vittoria Mezcal Race Tyres

  17. Best Seller
    E-Mazza Tyres

    Vittoria E-Mazza Tyres

  18. New
    Peyote Race Tyres

    Vittoria Peyote Race Tyres

  19. New
    RideArmor II TLR Tyres

    Vittoria RideArmor II TLR Tyres

    Out of stock
  20. Barzo Tyres

    Vittoria Barzo Tyres

  21. E-Barzo Tyres

    Vittoria E-Barzo Tyres

  22. Corsa N.EXT Tyres

    Vittoria Corsa N.EXT Tyres

  23. Terreno Tyres

    Vittoria Terreno Tyres



Improve your cycling performance and training with world class tyres for road and mountain biking from Vittoria. Graphene infused for performance, whether you’re looking for the ultimate tarmac traction and speed with the infamous tan-walled Corsa, or some off-road grip from the enduro-ready Mazza, Vittoria have it covered.