Urban Iki

Urban Iki

Combining Japanese innovation with the character of Dutch design and fresh and smart thinking, Urban Iki child seats and accessories offer the best family cycling experience. Incorporating great design, high quality, guaranteed safety and smart technology, Urban Iki’s award-winning products are the best there is at realistic prices.

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  1. Rear Seat with Frame Mount

    Urban Iki Rear Seat with Frame Mount

    From £84.99
  2. Rear Seat with Rack Mount

    Urban Iki Rear Seat with Rack Mount

  3. Best Seller
    Front Seat

    Urban Iki Front Seat

  4. Windscreen V2

    Urban Iki Windscreen V2

    From £34.99
  5. Rear Seat Styling Set

    Urban Iki Rear Seat Styling Set

  6. Front Seat Styling Set

    Urban Iki Front Seat Styling Set