Premax is an Australian company that is committed to keeping people active. It manufactures Sports Sunscreen, Anti Friction Cream, Massage Creams and Massage Lotion.

Premax is an Australian Sports Skincare company that is committed to keeping people comfortable whilst being active in sport. It manufactures gender specific Chamois Cream and Anti Friction Balms, as well as a pre-sport Warm up Lotion and a performance led Sports Sun Cream.

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About Premax


Innovation is a fundamental element of human progress, and at Premax we’re on a continual quest to develop unique and better performing sports skincare products. Every product we do is researched, re-thought, developed from scratch, and tested time and time again to not only ensure that it’s effective, but better than anything else. If you’re on a mission to better what you do, we’re your like-minded partner.


The foundation of elite performance is confidence, and to be confident you need to have trust in your own ability and those that support you. When the chips are down, you can trust that Premax won’t let you down. We have products that have been developed with – and used by the best athletes and sports medical practitioners in the world. You can trust Premax, and we’ll play our part in building your confidence.


Being the best you can be takes hard work, dedication, sacrifice, early mornings, setbacks and eventual success. We know, because it’s with the same values that we develop every product in our range. High performance is in our DNA, we understand what it takes, and it’s reflected in our products that will help you perform at your best.

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