14 Days Free Bike Insurance


You can order your bike with confidence, knowing you are protected from day one.

What does it cover?

Your 14 days free bike insurance covers:
 •  Theft
 •  Vandalism
 •  Accidental Damage

Bikmo Eligibility Criteria

Before you proceed with your free insurance, you will need to make sure you meet Bikmo’s eligibility criteria, which can be found here

Bikmo Locking Requirements
For the insurance to be valid you'll need a lock if you leave your bike unattended when 'away from home', and the lock has to be approved by Sold Secure.
To make sure you’re covered, see Bikmo's locking requirements.

Which Sold Secure rating do I need?
This is dependent on the value of your bike as to which lock rating you need:

Bike value under £250 = Bronze Rating
Freewheel recommends Keeper Folding Lock 510

Bike value £251- £1,500 = Silver Rating
Freewheel recommends Keeper 12 Standard W/Flex

Bike value over £1,500 = Gold Rating
Freewheel recommends Kryptolok Long Shackle U-Lock

When do I need to register for my free insurance?

All new bikes must be registered within 7 days of purchase, collection from a store or delivery (the clock starts ticking when you get your hands on your bike for the first time). It is available for anyone who has purchased a bike from and meet Bikmo’s eligibility criteria.

How do I claim my free insurance?

Getting covered is quick and easy using Bikmo's online activation.

 •  Visit:
 •  Fill in the form which takes about a minute to complete.
 •  You're covered.

How can I extend my insurance cover?

Towards the end of the offer you will get and email from Bikmo explaining the options to upgrade your bike insurance to the full cover. You can find out more about Bikmo here.

Who are Bikmo?

Bikmo is a leading cycle insurance specialist run by cyclists, life-long British Cycling members, and self-confessed ‘bike geeks’. Here are some of the main reasons we chose Bikmo:
 •  Cover: Comprehensive cover backed by Hiscox, a respected underwriter.
 •  Claims: Open with their claims records (see their Open Project).
 •  Value: Competitive pricing on like-for-like cover.
 •  Reputation: Ranked #1 cycle insurer by Bike Radar, holds Feefo Gold Service Status and featured highly in The Telegraph.
 •  Simplicity: Quick quotes, and easy online policy management.

To activate your 14 days free insurance, click here or to speak to a member of the Bikmo team call 01244 470337.