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  1. S-PHYRE XC9 (XC901) SPD Shoes

    Shimano S-PHYRE XC9 (XC901) SPD Shoes

  2. XM9 SPD Shoes

    Shimano XM9 SPD Shoes

  3. MW7 (MW701) GORE-TEX® SPD Shoes

    Shimano MW7 (MW701) GORE-TEX® SPD Shoes

  4. XC7 (XC701) SPD Shoes

    Shimano XC7 (XC701) SPD Shoes

  5. New
    ME5 (ME502) SPD Shoes

    Shimano ME5 (ME502) SPD Shoes

  6. MW5 (MW501) DRYSHIELD® SPD Shoes

    Shimano MW5 (MW501) DRYSHIELD® SPD Shoes

  7. Sale
    MT7 SPD Shoes

    Shimano MT7 SPD Shoes

    £114.99 £57.49 (Save 50%)
    Out of stock
  8. New
    XC3 (XC300) SPD Shoes

    Shimano XC3 (XC300) SPD Shoes

  9. New
    XC3 (XC300W) SPD Women's Shoes

    Shimano XC3 (XC300W) SPD Women's Shoes

  10. Sale
    Women's X-ALP® Elevate

    PEARL iZUMi Women's X-ALP® Elevate

    £149.99 £99.99 (Save 33%)
  11. SD5 (SD501) SPD Shoes

    Shimano SD5 (SD501) SPD Shoes

  12. Sale
    ME4 SPD Shoes

    Shimano ME4 SPD Shoes

    £119.99 £89.99 (Save 25%)
  13. MT5 (MT501 SPD Shoes

    Shimano MT5 (MT501 SPD Shoes

  14. New
    GR5 (GR501) Shoes

    Shimano GR5 (GR501) Shoes

  15. Sale
    Women's X-ALP® Flow

    PEARL iZUMi Women's X-ALP® Flow

    Was £89.99 From £79.99 (Save 11%)
  16. MT3 (MT301) SPD Shoes

    Shimano MT3 (MT301) SPD Shoes

  17. Sale
    Women's X-ALP® Launch SPD

    PEARL iZUMi Women's X-ALP® Launch SPD

    £109.99 £79.99 (Save 27%)
  18. New
    GR5 (GR501W) Women's Shoes

    Shimano GR5 (GR501W) Women's Shoes

  19. New
    XC1 (XC100) SPD Shoes

    Shimano XC1 (XC100) SPD Shoes

  20. Sale
    GR7 Shoes

    Shimano GR7 Shoes

    £99.99 £79.99 (Save 20%)
  21. Sale
    Women's X-ALP® Launch

    PEARL iZUMi Women's X-ALP® Launch

    £109.99 £79.99 (Save 27%)
  22. New
    XC1 (XC100W) SPD Women's Shoes

    Shimano XC1 (XC100W) SPD Women's Shoes

  23. MT3W (MT301W) Women's SPD Shoes

    Shimano MT3W (MT301W) Women's SPD Shoes

  24. AM5 (AM501) SPD Shoes

    Shimano AM5 (AM501) SPD Shoes

  25. Sale
    ME3 (ME301) SPD Shoes

    Shimano ME3 (ME301) SPD Shoes

    Was £99.99 From £69.99 (Save 30%)
  26. Sale
    AM9 (AM901) SPD Shoes

    Shimano AM9 (AM901) SPD Shoes

    £124.99 £62.49 (Save 50%)
  27. Sale
    MT5 SPD Shoes

    Shimano MT5 SPD Shoes

    £89.99 £59.99 (Save 33%)
  28. Sale
    ME1 SPD Shoes

    Shimano ME1 SPD Shoes

    Was £69.99 From £59.99 (Save 14%)
  29. Sale
    GR5W Women's Shoes

    Shimano GR5W Women's Shoes

    Was £79.99 From £59.99 (Save 25%)
  30. Sale
    MT3 SPD Shoes

    Shimano MT3 SPD Shoes

    £74.99 £44.99 (Save 40%)