Like many of the best ideas MilKit was born out of mid-ride despair. All it took was one flat tubeless tyre with dried out sealant and Pius Kobler decided that something needed to be done. Now as the premier makers of tubeless valves and injector kits, MilKit are saving cyclists everywhere from the horrors of a long walk home.

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  1. Tubeless conversion kit with 45 mm valves

    milKit Tubeless conversion kit with 45 mm valves

    From £64.99
  2. Compact set with injector

    milKit Compact set with injector

    From £46.99
  3. Valves 1 Pair

    milKit Valves 1 Pair

    From £27.99
  4. New
    Tubeless sealing tape

    milKit Tubeless sealing tape

    From £15.99
  5. New
    tyre sealant

    milKit tyre sealant

    From £5.99
  6. cores Pair

    milKit cores Pair