Look good on and off the bike with Pearl iZUMi's BikeStyle range

Look good on and off the bike with Pearl iZUMi's BikeStyle range

It’s not always worth getting dressed up to ride your bike. In fact, sometimes putting on your bike kit can seem like a lot of effort and actually make it harder to get out the door. Plus, if you’re just going for a short ride, popping into town to see some friends or going anywhere that it would be slightly awkward to turn up in full lycra then you need clothes to ride in that don’t scream ‘cyclist’. 

While riding in normal clothes it okay, most jeans and t-shirts aren’t made with the range of motion you need on a bike in mind (and some jeans are tight enough that even walking up a flight of stairs can feel like a workout). That’s why Pearl iZUMi developed the BikeStyle range. It’s kit made for cycling that doesn’t make you look like a cyclist. 

Rove Trousers 

Casual trousers designed for riding around town, the Rove Trousers come in men’s and women’s versions and are made using a four-way stretch fabric meaning you can pedal the bike without any uncomfortable resistance. They’re finished with a water-shedding Durable Water Repellant coating, meaning riding in the rain won’t end up with you being soaked through. 

The cut is well thought out, too, with the waist being slightly higher in the rear so that when you lean forward to grab the handlebars the trousers move with you, and the extra zipped pocket is a great place to put that stuff (like keys) that you really don’t want to deposit on the road by accident. 

Pearl iZUMi have thought about visibility as well, which is really important for urban riding. The drive side leg rolls up to reveal some high-vis fabric, and the rear pocket also has high-vis elements to make sure you’re seen riding on the roads. 

If you’re after something a little more Summer-ready, the Rove shorts take all the features of the trousers and just offer a less fabric on the legs to keep you cool!

Rove Short Sleeve shirt

With a snap up front and a slightly dropped back, the Rove Short Sleeve Shirt has everything you need from a casual riding piece that’ll look just as good off the bike as on it. The Rove shirt also comes in a long-sleeve version for those outings when the weather is less accommodating. 

Available in either Lapis blue or Turbulence grey, the shirt is patterned across the shoulders for each reach to your handlebars and the BioViz elements on the back mean that you’ll stay seen on the roads. 

Women's Scape Tank Top

Made from soft, wicking fabric, the Scape Tank Top looks as good off the bike as it does on. Made from recycled fabric for a stylish and sustainable statement, the Scape features a high cut front to provide coverage on the bike and is well ventilated with a high side seam. It can also be tied at the side to keep the fit closer while you're riding. 

Pearl iZUMi also have the Wander Tank Top if you're looking for something similarly versatile but slightly different in style, or the sleeved Scape Top if a t-shirt is more your thing. 

Rove Barrier Jacket

Stretch woven for added mobility and made from recycled polyester material, the Rove jacket is a BikeStyle piece that’s every bit as smart as Pearl iZUMi’s cycling-specific kit. 

The star attraction on this one is the PI Dry technology, a permanent water-shedding technology that coats each individual fibre of the material to make it breathable as well as waterproof. It works so well that riding in the rain no longer comes with the boil in the bag feeling that so many waterproof coats offer. 

At the back, the magnetic drop tail is BioViz high-vis material for added visibility but is easily storable for when you’re off the bike and don’t need it any more. Plus the hood is removable for those days when you don’t need it.