Let's get dirty with the all-new Saracen hardtails

Let's get dirty with the all-new Saracen hardtails

So you want to ride off-road? You've probably had your head turned by those super cool looking bikes with bounce at both ends, right? We can't blame you, they look great, ride wonderfully and are a whole lot of fun. But, hear us out, have you thought about a hardtail instead? Sure, they might not have that glamour of a full suspension bike but they'll make you a better ride and still leave you with just as big a grin on your face after a day on the trails. Check out the bikes below and tell us we're wrong. 

Zenith Elite LSL

If big wheels are your weapons of choice, you're going to love the Zenith Elite LSL. Built around 29" wheels and a quality 130mm fork in the form of the reborn Marzocchi Bomber Z2, this isn't an XC bike, it's a thoroughbred trail ripper that's ready to get nasty wherever you want to ride. 

This is a bike for anyone who wants to ride and feel connected to the trail. The joy of the modern hardtail is that they're long, slack and low and every bit as capable on a trail as their full sus siblings, but require a little more finesse to master. There's no rear shock to bail you out if you go a bit too hard, this is a bike for the off-road purist. 

Manta Elite LSL

If 29" wheels aren't your thing, then the Mantra Elite LSL with its more traditional 27.5" will be exactly what you're after. It has the same progressive long, slack and low geometry, the same burly Marzocchi Bomber fZ2 fork - with 140mm travel rather than 130mm - and all of the same fun factor just packed into a smaller-wheeled package. 

All that punch is backed up by Shimano MT420 brakes and a SRAM NX drivetrain with a serious 10-51 range at the back, this is a well-specced bike for a great price, ready to roll straight out the box on onto whatever terrain takes your fancy. Oh, and if you want just as much enjoyment for a lower price, you can check out the Mantra Trail LSL

You can buy all these bikes - and the whole Saracen range - right here on Freewheel, and you can check them out on the Saracen Bikes website.