With a name like Cycliq it has to be something that predicts the future, yes?
Ha, not really. Almost the opposite in fact, as Cycliq make bike lights combined with video cameras. So instead of telling you what’s going to happen, they record what has happened as you ride.

So it’s a light and a camera in one, then?
Yep, you’ve got it.

What’s the thinking behind it?
It’s basically like a dash cam for cycling, really. When you’re out riding you can record what’s going on in front and behind you and if you get into a sticky situation then you have video footage.

Plus, if you’re doing some riding you particularly want to record – jumping a bike onto a train while on fire, for example (don’t try that at home) – then you can.

Does that mean it does each thing will be half as good as a dedicated light or camera?
Not at all, you big cynic. The Fly 12 front light has a max power of 600 lumens, which is enough to ride on unlit roads at night and still see where you’re going. And the camera can record up to 1080p HD video with audio, and all of that comes with an 8hr battery life, which you’ll struggle to out-ride.

And at the back there’s a 100-lumen light and 1080p camera with a 7hr battery life. You’ll struggle to find a better separate light/camera combo for less, that’s for sure.

So how do I get the videos off the camera after I’ve shot them?
Both plug straight into your computer via a USB-C to USB cable and you can drag and drop them onto your desktop (or wherever you want them).

The Fly12 (front camera) can also connect to your phone via Bluetooth and you can view/edit the videos on there using the Cycliq app.

Oh, and it’s all recorded in MP4 format so there shouldn’t be too much messing about with converting and all that nonsense.