Cross Country Bikes

Cross Country Bikes

Cross country bikes are the lightest, fastest bikes on the mountain trail. These bikes ensure you power through the trails with their seat position, lightweight frames and big wheels to help you carry rolling speed regardless of the surface. Cross country bikes are all about covering big distances, generally coming with a hardtail and fork lockout to make you efficient on smooth and bumpy surfaces. Whether you hit a wide open endurance track or a narrow winding technical trail, cross country bicycles will ensure you can take on any sort of mountain.

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  1. Arcus 2

    Ridgeback Arcus 2

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    Arcus 2 Open Frame

    Ridgeback Arcus 2 Open Frame

  3. Arcus 1

    Ridgeback Arcus 1

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    Arcus 1 Open Frame

    Ridgeback Arcus 1 Open Frame

  5. Electron Front Hub Drive

    Ridgeback Electron Front Hub Drive